Are You a Teacher Affected by the Sandy Hook School Shooting?

My friends – the Ortners’- are supplying hands on trauma assistance to those most affected in the Newtown Sandy Hook School massacre. Read my last post explaining who the Ortners’ are and what they are doing with EFT and trauma.

A teacher with her students

A teacher with her students

In working with the Newtown community, they understand that more than Newtown has been emotionally affected by this shooting. Teachers all over the world are experiencing a new set of fears and doubts. There seems to be a new dimension to stress.

In Newtown, for all those in need emotional healing, Nick, Alex and Jessica Ortner are offering a service that studies are showing to be effective with post traumatic stress. They have called in the most experienced EFT practitioners for dealing with traumatic stress.

After talking to Newtown teachers, Jessica Ortner was inspired to put together a a simple EFT exercise designed for teachers all over the world that have been effected by the trauma of Newtown, CT. The video lays the foundation exercise, and then the downloadable audio is the process.

Even if you have never heard of EFT, the video has simple instructions. Then go here to download the guided audio EFT exercise that you can play and use everyday.

Please watch the video, and give the audio routine a try. It is a simple technique designed to diffuse stress. You may be totally surprised by its effectiveness.

I personally have used EFT for about 5 years, and think it offers the quickest emotional release of anything I have ever used. Please do try the process Jessica Ortner uses in the video and audio presentation. If you see a difference, then you will want to come back on Monday, and get further information on EFT.

Why Monday? Because you will be able to sign up for the annual EFT World Summit that will be starting soon. It is a TOTALLY FREE online event. If you have never heard of, or tried EFT, this will be a perfect opportunity to follow along, and try it for yourself. In this time of uncertainty, you might find this is a wonderful new way of stress release that is so easy to do.


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